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Disability insurance companies are financial institutions that offer disability insurance policies to individuals. These policies are designed to replace a portion of an individual's income if they become unable to work due to an illness, injury, or disability. These insurers play a critical role in providing financial security and stability.

Despite our best efforts to stay healthy, illnesses and injuries can occur unexpectedly, and some may prevent us from working either temporarily or permanently. Disability insurance can provide a safety net in these situations, helping individuals maintain their standard of living and cover essential expenses, such as mortgage payments, utilities, and medical costs.

When disability insurers violate the law, such as wrongfully denying or terminating benefits, disabled beneficiaries can face a host of challenges, including:

  • Undue financial hardships – When benefits are denied or terminated, beneficiaries often face financial strain due to loss of income. This can lead to difficulties in paying for basic necessities like food, housing, and medical care.
  • Increased stress and anxiety – The process of fighting a wrongful denial or termination can be stressful and emotionally draining, which can exacerbate existing health conditions.
  • Inability to access needed medical care – Without disability benefits, some individuals may not be able to afford necessary medical treatments or therapies, potentially worsening their condition.
  • Difficulty navigating complex legal proceedings – The legalities involved in appealing a denial or termination can be complex and confusing, making it difficult for individuals to effectively represent themselves.
  • Delayed disability benefits – Even if the beneficiary is ultimately successful in their appeal, they may have to endure a lengthy period without benefits due to the time-consuming nature of the appeals process.
  • Loss of independence – For many disabled individuals, disability benefits provide the means to live independently. A wrongful denial or termination can threaten this independence.
  • Negative mental health effects – The combination of financial stress, health concerns, and the struggle to secure benefits can significantly impact the mental health of disabled individuals.
  • Strained personal relationships – The stress and financial strain caused by a wrongful denial or termination can also put pressure on personal relationships, leading to further emotional distress.
  • Limited employment opportunities – For those with disabilities, finding suitable work can be challenging, and a wrongful denial or termination of benefits can limit their opportunities even further.
  • Inability to plan for the future – The uncertainty surrounding the outcome of an appeal can make it difficult for disabled individuals to plan for their future, causing further stress and anxiety.

Challenging Unfair Disability Insurance Practices in Fort Lauderdale

Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for disabled Floridians to suffer unjust consequences after disability insurance companies wrongfully deny or terminate their short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD) benefits. In today’s world, it can be more challenging than ever to simply obtain the benefits that you were always rightfully entitled to under the law. Luckily, our award-winning disability attorney is here to help.

At Martin J. Sperry, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale lawyer has successfully represented the disabled in Florida for over 45 years. Attorney Sperry has extensive experience standing up to some of the largest and most powerful disability insurance companies in the U.S., including:

  • Hartford
  • Unum
  • MetLife
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Matrix
  • Reliance Standard
  • Mass Mutual
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • The Standard
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Our Settlements & Verdicts

  • $350,000 Lump Sum Settlement on Individual Disability Policy
  • $135,000 Recovery ERISA Disability Benefits
  • $5,000,000 Recovery for Delayed Payment of Insurance Benefits
  • $800,000 Recovery for Delayed Payment of Insurance Benefits
  • $520,000 Recovery of Accidental Dismemberment Benefits
  • $260,000 Recovery of Disability Benefits

How Disability Insurance Companies Should Operate

The primary responsibility of disability insurance companies is to provide financial assistance to policyholders temporarily or permanently unable to work due to a disability. short- or long-term disability. Such companies are obligated to assess claims fairly and promptly and provide clear explanations for any denial or termination of benefits. Disabled beneficiaries are protected by various laws and regulations that govern the conduct of their insurers, ensuring they act in good faith and adhere to their contractual obligations.

Unfortunately, even major disability insurers aren’t immune to committing legal and ethical violations under the law. From denying perfectly legitimate disability claims to terminating benefits abruptly and without cause, there’s a vast range of unlawful decisions that can negatively impact disabled beneficiaries who are rightfully entitled to such assistance. Such wrongdoing can leave disabled Floridians with no choice but to take legal action, forced to invest substantial time and resources just to receive the disability benefits they deserved from the start.

Unethical insurers can cause substantial hardships for the disabled beneficiaries they are legally obligated to protect. Common issues faced by disabled parties in Florida include:

  • Being unable to financially support themselves on a temporary or permanent basis after being denied disability benefits
  • Having their disability benefits terminated without cause, despite no improvement or change in their condition
  • Being denied disability benefits on the basis of insufficient evidence, despite providing sufficient documentation to qualify
  • Having their long-term disability claim rejected after receiving short-term benefits for a condition that has either worsened or not improved
  • Being refused short-term disability benefits after sustaining a temporary injury or condition
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For over 45 years, Martin J. Sperry, P.A. has provided personalized and effective representation for the disabled in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. Our experienced disability attorney has an in-depth understanding of disability law and experience navigating a range of cases against popular disability insurers, allowing him to provide trusted advocacy while keeping your unique needs at heart. If you were denied the disability benefits you rightfully deserve by an unethical insurer, turn to a legal advocate with a proven track record of success in major disability insurance cases.

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